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Penny Dee

EXCLUSIVE COVER: The Devil's Den (De Kysa Mafia Series #1)

EXCLUSIVE COVER: The Devil's Den (De Kysa Mafia Series #1)

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Nico De Kysa.
Cold. Detached. Ruthless.
And my new husband.

I didn’t want to marry the despicable mafia don.
But my father made a deal with the devil and lucky me, I’m the currency.

If I leave…
He’ll destroy my father’s fortune.

But if I stay…
He’ll obliterate my heart.

Because in this union, the lines between love and hate are blurred.
So blurred.

He’s a cold-blooded monster with ice in his veins and frost in his heart.
But in bed, Nico De Kysa burns like wildfire.

And in the heat of the night, I begin to forget why I hate the mobster.

I’m trapped in a world I despise.
With a man too wicked to fall for.
Yet, I can’t leave.

Maybe if I knew what was coming it would be easier to run.

The Devil’s Den is book 1 in the De Kysa Mafia series. A scorching hot enemies-to-lovers romance with tension-filled banter and sizzling chemistry. Expect ‘touch her and die’ vibes, forced proximity, and all the deliciousness of a mafia romance. For readers 18+. Please read author’s note for trigger warnings.

Need to know deets:

 Format Special edition hardback with gold foil and sprayed edges
Genre Dark Romance
Tropes Mafia, Arranged Marriage, Enemies to Lovers, Forced Proximity
Steam Rating 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Page Length 406 pages
Content Warning This book contains adult content and is intended for mature readers 18 years and over. Please check book reviews for trigger warnings.

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