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Savannah Blaize

The Devil Inside: Luc (A Heart of the Devil Novella)

The Devil Inside: Luc (A Heart of the Devil Novella)

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What happens when the Devil no longer wishes to serve?

Luc Nightingale was Satan himself, the ultimate punisher, the ruler of Hell. It was a role he had relished for millennia. Yet lately the job no longer fulfilled him. He was feeling restless. He wanted meaning in his life. He wanted to enjoy his days; take pleasure from the things most humans took for granted.

If he could step away from the Throne bestowed upon him for a short time, could he work out what would make him happy, what would fulfill him in ways that enforcing eternal punishment on damned souls could not? The thought excited him. Yet how could he leave the gates of Hell unattended for eternity?

Maybe some time on Earth would give him the answer he was searching for…

The Devil Inside is the prequel to the Heart of the Devil series.

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