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Lane Hart

Savage Little Games (Sin City Mafia #1)

Savage Little Games (Sin City Mafia #1)

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In an ironic twist of fate, I’ve found myself entangled in Dante Salvato's world. The ruthless mafia king is no stranger to violence; but when he lays his eyes on my bruised and battered face, he’s furious.

I thought my makeup was thick enough to cover the beating I suffered until my inappropriately flirtatious boss noticed. As a cocktail waitress in his casino, I’ve always been on Mr. Salvato’s radar, but now he’s obsessed, demanding to know who hurt me and why, intent on making them suffer.

When Dante discovers that my boyfriend Mitch not only owes money to another vicious Vegas mobster but is also cheating on me, he offers him one hell of a deal – Dante will pay off Mitch’s debt in exchange for the one thing he wants more than anything – me.

Dante’s offer requires me to spend the next seventy-six days and nights with him, one for every thousand dollars of Mitch’s debt. When I refuse, Dante promises to kill Mitch right then and there for being the one ultimately responsible for my bruises.

Desperate to avoid bloodshed even after I’ve seen the evidence of Mitch’s betrayal, I reluctantly accept Dante’s deal with one stipulation. I warn the arrogant bastard that I will never, under any circumstance, sleep with him.

Now I just have to resist the mob boss for seventy-six days and nights while he uses every weapon in his arsenal to try and change my mind.

Need to know deets:

Format Special Edition Discreet Hardback with Gold Foil and Custom Sprayed Edges
Genre Dark Romance
Tropes Enemies to Lovers, Mafia, Suspense, "Who did this to you?"
Steam Rating 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Page Length 390 pages
Content Warning This book contains adult content and is intended for mature readers 18 years and over. Please check book reviews for trigger warnings.

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