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Samantha Barrett

Played by the Bishop & Tormented by the King (Murdoch Mafia Omnibus: Books 1 & 2)

Played by the Bishop & Tormented by the King (Murdoch Mafia Omnibus: Books 1 & 2)

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Played by the Bishop

She was broken by the hands of my own father.

I can’t hide in the shadows anymore, watching her from a safe distance.
It’s time to show her all my plays.

Kiara Coleman has the answers I need, and if I have to drag her back into my dark world to get them, I will.

Once she’s there I’ll do everything I can to put her broken pieces back together again and keep her in her rightful place my by side.

I escaped my living hell three years ago.
I’ve learned to mask the pain and hide from the nightmares that taunt me.

I won a scholarship that will change my life, I should be happy about being here. A fresh start.

Except this fresh start puts me right into the path of him.
Bishop Murdoch, the son of the monster I’ve spent the last three years trying to outrun.

Tormented by the King

She’s committed a crime against the family, against me, one that no one would ever get away with.

How is it possible then that, I want to strangle the life out of her and at the same time breath life back into her lungs?

I’m the underboss, it’s my job to make her pay for her crimes.

And make her pay I will…..

My sister warned me that he’ll come looking. Warned me to keep Amelia away from him.

I won’t let a monster like that near my niece, I don’t care if she rightfully belongs to him or not.

I will protect her at any cost, even if it cost me my own heart.

Checkmate King, this Queen will overturn you.

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Need to know deets:

Format Special edition hardback omnibus with gunmetal foil and sprayed edges
Genre Dark Romance
Tropes Mafia, OTT Alphaholes, Enemies to Lovers, Found Family
Steam Rating 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Page Length 402
Content Warning This book contains adult content and is intended for mature readers 18 years and over. Please check book reviews for trigger warnings.

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