Too Hard to Forget by Tessa Bailey

Too Hard to Forget by Tessa Bailey

Genre: contemporary romance/women’s fiction
Trope: second chance, grumpy/sunshine, age gap, college student/faculty member

“The years that separated the last time he’d been inside of her were nothing, compared to how damn good they were together. You didn’t just find someone else to take the place of perfection. Hot, rough, perfection.”

I know T said she needed a cigarette after reading Minx, but I might be joining her while I come down from this book. Tessa Bailey is the queen of writing dirty-talking men who know how to treat their women right in public, and even better in the bedroom… or the back seat of a car. Too Hard to Forget is an intense second chance romance involving Peggy Clarkson—the youngest Clarkson sibling—and her first ever love, Elliot Brooks. Their relationship started when she was a cheerleader in college, and he was the football coach. A devout man, he tried to resist but Peggy managed to break down his walls both physically and emotionally. I got little flashes of Priest by Sierra Simone while reading it.

Three years ago, their relationship was based on their physical needs. Now? Their relationship evolved into something raw and wild and honest. No matter how hard Elliot tried to push her away, Peggy only dug in her heels a little more. She saw past the college coach who had earned himself legend status and down to the man who had so many regrets. Heart-warming and panty-soaking in equal measure, if you love Tessa Bailey’s books, you should check this one out.

K xx

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