Those Three Little Words by Meghan Quinn

Those Three Little Words by Meghan Quinn

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Trope: hockey, accidental pregnancy, forced proximity, brother’s best friend

“If it were my choice, I’d burst through this door and make her sit on my goddamed face until I made her cøme three f*cking times with my tongue.”

I must admit, I haven’t read a lot of accidental pregnancy books but I devoured this one. Penny and Eli’s story is one that started with a one-night stand and ended with the HEA I was rooting for.

Eli is the notorious playboy of the Vancouver Agitators, and had been warned off Penny by his fellow team mate, Pacey, who also happens to be Penny’s brother. Eli knows he can’t have Penny again, and after finding out the news that she’s pregnant, he’s kind of thrown into a forced living situation by her brother. They agree to live together for the duration of the pregnancy, knowing that they can be nothing more than friends, but as you’d expect we have some simmering lust and fraying self-control that ultimately leads to them rekindling things.

I really enjoyed this book, but there was only one thing I couldn’t get on board with. Eli, despite his playboy nature, is a man with fears and damage that he doesn’t want to show. He deals with a lot of issues that he’s seeked help for. Penny learns of these issues, and although understanding, she still does things that trigger him. I know the pregnancy hormones were being used as an excuse for this, but she hurt him so much with her actions despite claiming to love him. Poor Eli was put through the wringer with her, but he patiently stood by her like the good man he is.

All in all, this was a great addition to the series, and I’m looking forward to Right Man, Right Time next.

K xx

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