The Way I Hate Him by Meghan Quinn

The Way I Hate Him by Meghan Quinn

Genre: contemporary romance
Tropes: small town, rockstar, age-gap, brother’s ex-bestfriend

“This pussy is f*cking mine tonight. I want you bare. I want to see my cum dripping down your leg. Do you give me permission?”

This book took me dayyyys to get through and in hindsight, I should have just DNF’d it (we’re busy gals with a TBR a mile long - don’t come at me!). MQ is usually a good time but I found this book a little too slow paced and heavily emotional. Something I wasn't AT ALL prepared for. I cried. Actual tears. (When Hattie gets her sister’s letter? Sobbed).

This is the start of Meghan’s new small town series, set in Almond Bay, CA. Hattie and her siblings are trying to overcome grief after the loss of their sister, Cassidy. After failing her final semester of her masters degree, Hattie moves home to be with her family and heal. On her arrival home, Hattie is immediately dumped by her long-term boyfriend, Matt, and as she clears her things from his house, she finds some memorabilia that Matt stole from his rockstar boss, Hayes. In an attempt to get Matt fired as her revenge, Hattie decides to return the belongings to their rightful owner.  

Hayes is battling his own demons. Feeling overworked from long tours and lonely, when he sees Hattie, younger sister of his ex-bestfriend, trying to drop off the stolen goods, he blackmails her to work for him. 

Although I found this book slightly disappointing, there were a few elements I really enjoyed. The banter between Hattie and Hayes was ELITE, the spice, when it hit, HITS, and I loved Hattie’s bestfriend, Maggie. There were a few laugh-out-loud moments for sure, along with the tears, but overall this book could have been better. The push and pull went on far too long and after Hattie and Hayes decide to go all in, the remainder of the book felt very rushed. Hattie and Hayes aren’t together long enough before the pesky third act break up and the brief grovel.

Will I still read the next book in the series? Probably. 

Did anyone else have similar feelings about this book?

T xx

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