The Virgin Next Door by Lauren Blakely

The Virgin Next Door by Lauren Blakely

Genre: Contemporary
Trope: Boss/Employee, rom-com, meet cute, doggo buddies, virgin FMC, mistaken identity, neighbors

 “You taste like cinnamon and dirty dreams.”

What would you do if your cat somehow hit send on an email meant for someone else? What would you do if that email contained an article you’d written for a sex column and was sent to your ENTIRE office? We’ll, that’s what happened to Veronica Valentine and the repercussions were hilarious.  

The Virgin Next Door was a quick,easy and fun read that was the perfect reset button. The meet-cute was amazing, starting with a small dog taking offence to a bike and ending with a flash of pink cartoon devil panties. The chemistry between Veronica and Milo was electric, and I was so happy to see not only a sex positive woman, but also a man who was more concerned about ticking ALLLLLL her boxes before getting what he wanted. 

If you’re looking for a fun, fluffy read to get you out of a reading funk, grab this one. It’s book 1 in a standalone series. I’ve got book #2, “Two A Day” locked and loaded, ready to go next.

K xx

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