The Pucking Wrong Number by C.R. Jane

The Pucking Wrong Number by C.R. Jane

Genre: contemporary romance
Tropes: hockey, obsessive hero, boy falls first

“If you think this isn’t all I've thought about since the moment I knew you were real. Your body against mine. Your hands on me. Your greedy p*ssy choking my big d*ck… you’re out of your mind.”

Lincoln Daniels is my new favourite book boyfriend and I don’t know what that says about me because that man is unhinged as fuck. Like, evaluate me because I'm clearly unwell. 

Lincoln is the NHL golden boy who accidentally texts the wrong girl. Monroe calls him out on his play to “blow the girls world” and texts back a selfie flipping him off to prove he has the wrong number. Lincoln literally falls in love at first sight and becomes obsessed! And I mean stalking day and night, OBSESSED. 

Monroe has had a tough life, bouncing around foster homes since her ~lady of the night~ mother died of a drug overdose when she was 10. Now at 19, Monroe is working 2 jobs, going to community college at night and barely keeping her head above water. She starts to look forward to Lincoln’s texts and after a chance meeting when she is catering a hockey team event, Lincoln devises an elaborate plan to keep her. Forever.

When I thought Lincoln couldn’t get any more unhinged, CR Jane laughed in my face and said “hold my beer”. I mean, he got her name tattooed on his dick after their first date. Where do you go from there? Just wait. 

I gobbled this book up and I’m super excited for Ari’s book (book two of the series) to release in September. 10/10 recommend if you too love a jealous, obsessive, protective, morally grey character.

T xx

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