The Harshest Hope by Victoria Lum

The Harshest Hope by Victoria Lum

Genre: contemporary romance
Tropes: lovers to enemies to lovers, rags to riches, fake dating, star crossed lovers

“You like this? Do you like it when my pu$$y is sucking in your c0ck?”

This story is written in two acts; kicking off with Adrian starting at a new elite private school for his senior year. A scholarship kid from a low income family, struggling to pay for the mother’s accumulating medical expenses as she battles cancer.

Adrian is introduced to Emily on his first day and there are instant sparks, fireworks, flashing heart eye emojis. Emily is from a very wealthy family and doesn’t care about Adrian’s lack of wealth, much to her family's disapproval. Adrian and Emily start to date in secret, and they are so freaking sweet with each other, planning their college life together, it’s the idyllic teenage love.

As Adrian’s father falls into a depression, with the limited time he has left with the love of his life, and his failure to pay for her medical expenses, Adrian finds a way to earn some extra cash; illegal fighting. It is soon revealed that his father tried to take matters into his own hands, and stole money from the bank he works at, owned by Emily’s family. These are just the bargaining chips Emily’s family need to force Emily to end her relationship with Adrian. If she doesn’t, Adrian’s dad would go to prison and Adrian wouldn’t be able to attend college. The very path he needs and dreams of to change his family’s path. Sweet, selfless, Emily ends the relationship because she wants nothing more than his hopes and dreams for the future to come true. Insert brutal, heartbreaking end of act one here.

Act two kicks off 11 years later, as they cross paths as accomplished adults. Emily is assigned Adrian as a client at the PR firm she works at, to create a positive public image. Adrian is still hurt by the words Emily used to end their relationship but these star-crossed lovers can’t help their attraction and make up for lost time with A LOT of steam packed into the final 20% of the book. The dirty mouth on Adrian was impressive, but a dirty talking Emily? Smash. Authors take note, we NEED more vocal women. I freaking love it!

If you’re in the mood for an angsty but beautiful story, give this one a go!

T xx

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