The Frat Boy by Nicki Sloane

The Frat Boy by Nicki Sloane

Genre: new adult romance
Trope: rivals to lovers, forced proximity, group activities

Full disclosure. This is my first review of The Frat Boy but it’s not my first read, so to say I enjoy this book is an understatement. It’s just such a fun fluffy read, low on angst and full of spicy deliciousness.

Madison’s sorority is competing against Colin’s fraternity during Greek Week when one of his frat bros cheats. Things go south when Madison starts a mud fight with Colin, they break the Fidelity Cup and they both get kicked out of their respective greek housing. 

With no other options, Madison decides to apply for a role with an adult film company. When she shows up to audition, the last person she expected to see as her co-star was her new archenemy, Colin. Their “hate” for one another turns into the most explosive and intense sex of their lives.

“That’s my c*ck inside you and my fingers touching you. I’m the one getting you off.” OMG, sweaty hot face.

They both move into the Petal Productions house and start filming with the other 4 house members. We’re talking MF, FFM, MMF,  MFMF… Just have your toys fully charged ladies because DAMN! *fans face*

If you need a smutty palette cleanser after a particularly sweet romance, this’ll do it.

T xx

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