Tempting the Player by Rebecca Jenshak

Tempting the Player by Rebecca Jenshak

Genre: New Adult
Tropes: Bodyguard, college, found family, one bed, forced proximity


“I want you, Hendrick. Kiss me. Fvck me. Make me forget my name. And yours.” “Don’t forget my name. I want to hear you scream it.”

Finishing this book and therefore the Campus Wallflower series is bittersweet. I thought this book was a great conclusion but I will certainly miss Violet, Daisy, Dahlia and Jane. Everyone needs friends like those girls! Chicks before d!cks, ladies. 

Jane has come out hiding and revealed herself at a Halloween party as child star, Ivy Greene. Unbeknownst to her, the sexy jogger she’s been lusting over is a bodyguard her dad secretly hired to keep Jane safe. Seemingly always in the right place at the right time, Jane affectionately dubbed Hendrick her knight in shining armor. After sharing a passionate kiss, her room is broken into and Jane is threatened to leave town, his true intentions as her protector are revealed.

The battle to keep their relationship professional after this was tough as they fight their scorching chemistry but the deeper connection they formed was fun to read-- Jane with her optimism and up-beat personality constantly taunting Hendrick with his serious demeanor. Isn’t this how all great love stories start?

Another threat finds Jane moving in with Hendrick and his four brothers, and what happens when there is mutual pining and one bed involved? They fvck.

I loved the relationship Jane formed with Hendrick’s brothers after growing up as an only child. Found family at it’s finest. I have my fingers crossed we see more of those Holland brothers soon! 

T xx

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