Tell Me What You Want by Lucia Franco

Tell Me What You Want by Lucia Franco

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Trope: Brothers Best Friend, Cam girl, ex-con, age gap, forced proximity

“I have so much testosterone inside me that I’d paint her entire body with cvm the way she paints herself with make-up.”

I cannot tell you how many times I put this book down to fan my face. So. Freaking. Spicy!! I don’t want to sexualise a man just released from prison but also, can we just sexualise this *fictional* man just released from prison. All that pent up sexual energy. Fvck. Me. It was so hot.  

Reed has just been released from prison after an 8 year sentence and is staying at his best friend, Noah’s family cabin until he gets back on his feet. What he wasn’t expecting was Noah’s younger sister, Vanessa showing up late one night and blowing all his plans to shit. 

Vanessa is a saucy spitfire– I enjoyed her character so much! She was just so comfortable in her skin and with her sexuality, it was refreshing to read. Beauty influencer by day, cam girl by night, Vanessa has been escaping to her family cabin on the weekends to film her spicy content. Being the seductive little minx that she is, Vanessa manages to rope Reed into filming some content with her. The outcome? HOT. AS. FVCK. Reed’s dirty talk had me FERAL. 

10/10 recommend! 

T xx

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