Something Unexpected by Vi Keeland

Something Unexpected by Vi Keeland

Genre: contemporary romance
Tropes: single dad, opposites attract, enemies to lovers

Friends! This story is so freaking beautiful! I wasn’t expecting this book to be so deep with a heavy emphasis on living each day as if it’s your last, but it really hit me with all the feels. 

Beck is concerned about his free-sprited Grandma who is off on a wild cross-country trip fulfilling her bucket list after finding out she doesn’t have long to live. Beck disapproves of the dangerous activities Gram is participating in - like skydiving and swimming with sharks - so Gram blocks his number and has her travel buddy Eleanor keep him updated with their crazy adventures. Concerned, Beck tracks his Gram down and has a sexy little meet-cute with Nora in a hotel bar. The next morning, he discovers that Nora is none other than his Gram’s snarky travel companion. Nora sees Beck as an uptight ageist with a stick up his ass but the chemistry is SMOKING hot from the first interaction. Banter for days. Sex scenes = sizzling. The sweet vulnerable moments that ensue between Nora and Beck though = EVERYTHING! The story is told mostly from Beck’s POV and his growth from a self-confessed workaholic to someone learning to embrace life was written so well. Vi Keeland knocked this out of the park.

T xx

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