Savage Sins by Sarah Bale

Savage Sins by Sarah Bale

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tropes: mafia, fairytale retelling, billionaire, curvy heroine, cheating

“Fuck a prince. What you need is a villain. Someone who will sacrifice the entire world just to be with you.” 

This book is a modern day cinderella and aladdin crossover with a sexy, filthy mouthed villain who gets the girl. Ellie, our sweet wallflower, and her so-called-best friend’s husband, Malik Jafar, have harboured feelings for each other for years. Now, I’m not usually one to pick up a book with the cheating trope, but this book was a page turner and Sarah Bale wrote it in such a way that you could only root for the ‘other woman’.

Filled with sexual tension and angst, this book does put your emotions through the ringer (especially the cliffhanger!) but if you love mafia, enemies to lovers, touch her and die vibes, then this book will hit the spot. 

T xx

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