Same Time Next Year by Tessa Bailey

Same Time Next Year by Tessa Bailey

Genre: Contemporary
Trope: Golden retriever hero, marriage of convenience, hockey romance

“Once you go hockey boy, you never go back.”

Oh, man, I wish I could go back and read this novella again for the first time. It had all the things — the loaded looks, the sexual tension you could cut with a knife, the whole possessive yet respectful MMC.

Sumner Mayfield is like the ultimate golden retriever hero. A Canadian star hockey player who should be going pro, and the only way he can stay in the country is a shotgun wedding to get a green card. Enter Britta — the half sister of one of his team mates, and the object of Sumner’s obsession since he first laid eyes on her. Britta’s reluctant agreement to the wedding only makes Sumner want to try harder to get her to look at him.

But what Sumner doesn’t know is that Britta has noticed him plenty, but past hurts are stopping her from taking the risk at opening her heart.

Same Time Next Year is a novella but I would pay good money to see more from these characters and this world. This was a solid 5 star read!

K xx

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