Rule by Cassandra Robbins

Rule by Cassandra Robbins

Genre: contemporary/NA romance 
Trope: forbidden romance, professor/student, age gap

"Tell me what a naughty girl you are. Because only naughty girls get to have their professor eat their cünt."

Yes, Dean Powers 🥵

I devoured this book. It had it all — cocky, asshole hero. Heat (so much heat!) and so much dirty talk, it gave me all the ideas. Namely, where can I get one of these brothers?? Cassandra, hook a sister up!

Brett Powers is a man on the cusp on his greatest professional achievement — getting the head dean position at a prestigious Californian college, along with the Nobel prize for his work in environmental engineering. He has rules. Rules that can’t be broken, and the biggest one is to never sleep with a student. He thought he wouldn’t have trouble with that until Alexandrea strolls in late to his classroom. He’s instantly in lust with her, but resists breaking ‘the rule’... until Alexandrea forces his hand and he leads them both down a path of wicked sex and domination. 

So, what did I like? Loved the dirty talk and the steam. I also liked the banter between the characters. The pacing of the story was also good. I never wanted to skip ahead.

What I would’ve loved to have seen was so more of a smoother transition of actions for the characters. For example, it seemed like one minute they were talking of going home. Then in the next line they were in the car and pulling up to their destination. There was just too much ‘space’ in there for me. I would’ve loved to have seen more emotion from Brett, too. Some of his thoughts and actions were almost robotic in that sense, but you could almost blame his genius on his personality, I guess.

Fair warning on their first time together, too. Alexandrea is still holding her V-Card, and Brett takes her so roughly it borders on violent.

All in all, if you’re here for the smut, get on this book. If you need more emotional maturity from your characters, then you might want to give it a miss.

K xx

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