Puck Yes by Lauren Blakely

Puck Yes by Lauren Blakely

Genre: Contemporary
Trope: Hockey, fake marriage, throuple, situationship

“God it’s a gorgeous sight, my secret boyfriend watching me suck off my public husband.”

I’ve never envied a fictional character before, but I believe I do now. Ivy, girl, get it!!

Ivy’s coming off the  back of a break up and losing her job. Thankfully, her brother is a player on the Avenger’s hockey team and lands her a job — granted not a glamorous job — but a job all the same… as the team mascot.

It’s here that she sees long-term crush, Stefan, and newest member of the Avengers, Hayes. She feels an instant attraction to both men, and when they both flirt with her, she thinks she has a choice to make… until they both tell her there’s nothing to choose.

Ivy, Hayes and Stefan are F-I-R-E together. The dynamic between the two men in the bedroom was sooooo good. Stefan often directed their interactions, giving Ivy commands and positioning Hayes so that Ivy gets all the Os. I loved every single filthy minute of the dirty talk, the schmexy scenes and the banter.

The conflict was small, but it meant the boys had to face their truths and tell Ivy what they wanted, and Ivy had to get over the temporary nature of their ‘situationship.’

If you love smutty scenes and amazing characters, you’ll want to check this one out!

K xx

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