Plays Well With Others by Lauren Blakely

Plays Well With Others by Lauren Blakely

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Trope: Friends-to-lovers, fake dating, he falls first, sports romance

Rachel—jewellery store owner and stress baker—has returned to San Francisco after a heartbreaking divorce from her husband of five years. She’s back among friends, ready to get over the betrayal of her lying ex, and enjoying the comfortable relationship of her highschool bestie, Carter… until she accidentally flashes him her boobs. And with Boobgate, the fun begins. Carter begins to see Rachel in a whole new light. When one of his sponsors, a dating app company, asks him to produce some videos to fulfil his sponsorship obligations, he takes the opportunity to make Rachel see him as more than just her best friend.

There was so much banter in this book, so many scenarios that left me chuckling. The evolution of their relationship didn’t seem rushed. You had that push and pull of will-they-won’t-they finally admit to one another that they have real feelings, which I lapped up! Add in the fact that Carter is a dirty-talking boss in the bedroom but a sweet, honest man every other time, and you have a must-read! If you love the friends to lovers trope, you’ll want to grab this one. 

Lauren Blakely, I bow down to you and your rom-com writing prowess. Thanks to you, I now have a cinnamon-roll-turned-alpha kink. 

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