My So-Called Sex Life by Lauren Blakely

My So-Called Sex Life by Lauren Blakely

Genre: contemporary romance 
Trope: enemies-to-lovers, grumpy/sunshine, one bed, forced proximity

"Want to taste you everywhere. Want to kiss you everywhere. Want to f*ck you just the way you want to be f*cked."

When I say I inhaled this book, I mean it. I loved it! So many good tropes. Such good characters. So much build up of sexual tension and banter until FINALLY it breaks in the most delicious way.

Axel Huxley is a thriller-romance author. Broody. Grumpy. And in Hazel Valentine’s opinion, too sexy for his own good. Axel and Hazel have a history—a long, somewhat painful history. Once a writing duo, their partnership broke up when Axel bowed out without warning one day, telling Hazel that he was going to Europe to do research for one of his own books. And that was it. There was no more communication, and an unfinished co-written book series between them. 

Fast forward ten months, and they’re thrown together once more with a publisher's tour that takes them across Europe — travelling on a luxury train. As the days pass by, the tension melts away, and the real reason for Axel’s escape to Europe all those months ago is revealed. 

I loved how Axel’s walls crumbled as soon as Hazel came back into his life. There was so much longing, so many tortured looks shared between them as they rediscovered their friendship, and allowed it to grow into more. 

K xx

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