Liars Like Us by JT Geissinger

Liars Like Us by JT Geissinger

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Trope: Billionaire, Obsessive Anti-Hero, Marriage of Convenience, Praise Kink, 

“You ripped my heart out of my chest the first time we met, and you’ve been carrying it around with you ever since, bloody & beating in your hands.”

Excuse me while I go and take multiple cold showers and participate in some *self-care*... 😏

Holy sh!t, JT brought the heat with this one, and I lapped up every single line of it — if only I could get the praise like Callum gives while I’m doing it. Loved this story. It had all the tropes I love — billionaire, obsessive hero and marriage of convenience all wrapped up with a snarky heroine who doesn’t give her overbearing man an inch.

Emery Eastwood  is an anxiety-ridden owner of Lit Happens, a failing bookstore that was started by her parents, and one she’s determined to keep alive. That is until she gets dumped on with a rent increase on the bookstore, an unexpected million-dollar tax bill and her apartment building being condemned… all on the same day. 

She’s just about to throw in the towel, until she’s propositioned by enigmatic billionaire and heir to the McCord Media, Callum McCord. He’s intense, persistent and hungry for her. He wants to marry her to save his inheritance, and he’s more than happy to sweeten that deal for Emery. Stuck between a rock and a hard-headed man, she finally makes her decision and boy, oh boy, are the repercussions fun to read. 

I love JT (hardcore fangirl here) so I was so glad to see she’s back to doing what she does best and that’s secret societies and dominant men (who aren’t ghosts). The pacing, the characters, the plot were all *chef’s kiss*. JT definitely delivers on the spice too. Good, god, woman, what are you trying to do to me here?? I have two words for any reader sitting on the fence with this one: Next. Level. *fans self* So good. So much dirty talk and so much praise. I would be his Good Girl anytime.

K xx

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