Kiss & Don't Tell by Meghan Quinn

Kiss & Don't Tell by Meghan Quinn

Genre: contemporary romance 
Tropes: hockey, forced proximity

"Who the hell f*credit with your head? Who made you think you weren't attractive? Who put those ideas into this gorgeous, beautiful mind of yours?"

Gah, Kiss and Don’t Tell was a fun read. Winnie Berlin is still grieving from the loss of her mother, and her boyfriend dumping her right when she needed him. Now she’s in Banff and on a mission now to do one final thing for her mother before she spreads her ashes. Just outside Banff, she runs into some trouble which leaves her to stumble through the woods in the middle of a rainstorm to the only building in sight. When the door opened, she wasn’t prepared to be greeted by five members of the Agitators — Vancouver’s hockey team. 

The blurb reads like a g*ng bang about to happen, so color me surprised when each of the male characters turned out to be absolute sweethearts. It’s clear that each of the guys have their own stories to tell, but I was 100% all-in with Pacey and Winnie’s right from the beginning. Loads of banter, sexual innuendo and, oh my god, the spicy scenes? Off the charts chemistry between the characters lead to some amazing scenes between them. Pacey surprised me with his filthy mouth, but I do like it when a man can tell his woman just what he’s going to do to her. 

The side characters elevated the story. Loved Max, her gay bestie who kept fishing for a phone number for one of the openly gay Agitators, but I must say I found Winnie’s roommate, Katheryn, slightly annoying with her catastrophizing and general neuroses. 

I’m not sure what this says about me, but although I enjoyed this book, I found Pacey’s attentiveness and emotional connection to Winnie a little OTT. Clearly, I’m more of a treat-em’-mean kind of girl when it comes to my MMC. 🤷🏻‍♀️

If you love Meghan Quinn books, I highly recommend this one!

K xx

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