King by S.J. Tilly

King by S.J. Tilly

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Trope: Kidnapping, Forced Proximity, Forced Marriage, Plus size FMC, over-protective alphahole, billionaire

“You’re gonna cōme twice tonight. Once before I get inside you. And once while I’m pumping you full of my seed.”

Nothing says a relationship will be long lasting like starting it with a kidnapping. At least that's what King thinks 😏

This book started with a bang! Of all the things that could've happened, I didn't see *that* happening. Like, what would you do if you took your date to a friend's house only to come face-to-face with his wife. That's right. His WIFE.

King is the ultimate big brother and kills the cheating piece of scum, only for Savannah to witness the crime. --> insert the perfect solution: kidnapping <-- Now, he's stuck with a woman he can't bring himself to kill, but who is the only witness to the murder. What's a guy to do? Marriage, of course. Wives can't testify against their husbands in criminal trials, so King thinks he's found the perfect solution...

If only Savannah had received the memo.

She does everything she can to escape King and his controlling ways, only to fall under his spell as he turns himself and his house upside down to accommodate her and her passion for painting.

Loads of intense moments, she's-mines and twisted versions of love language. I frothed over King but I'm hanging out for Dom now. We got a taste of him in this book, and I am a sucker for a tattooed mafia boss.

Highly recommend!

K xx

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