Irresistibly Wild by J Saman

Irresistibly Wild by J Saman

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Trope: student/professor, one-night-only, single parent, one-bed, fake relationship


“I’m infatuated with her. Fascinated by her every thought. Enraptured by her every move. I’m wholly, completely, irrevocably cast under her spell.”

This book has everything! Student/teacher, single parent, one bed, fake relationship… uh! 😮‍💨I devoured this book! Callan and Layla were chef’s kiss. They share a smokin’ hot night together before Callan walks into Layla’s classroom at Harvard Medical School as her new temporary Professor. Yess! I find the student/teacher trope SO hot! Did someone say bend over and put your hands on my desk? Yes, yes they did. Layla realises he will also be her boss while she completes her internship in the ER. Yikes. What are the chances?! 

Tragedy strikes and Callan finds himself the new carer of his 6 year old niece, Katy. Katy’s estranged grandparents try to compete for custody when they become aware of an inheritance and so Callan decides he needs a fake fiance to look more favourable to a judge. Since Layla has formed a bond with Katy and HELLO has undeniable chemistry with Callan, he asks if she would move in and be his fake fiance until he has secured full guardianship. They decide they need to keep sex and pesky feelings off the table because they are both in different stages of their lives… Layla refers to Callan as ‘right person, wrong time’. They battle with their attraction but their chemistry is just too hard to ignore and when they give in, I think I saw fireworks. 

Irresistibly Wild in the third book in the Irresistibly Yours series but I dove head first into this one because it sounded right up my alley (and it delivered!) and it can definitely be read as a stand alone. Stay tuned for more Irresistibly Yours reviews though because now I’m hooked. 

This was a fun read with some heartfelt moments thrown in too. Highly recommend!

T xx

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