The Pucking Wrong Guy by CR Jane

The Pucking Wrong Guy by CR Jane

Genre: contemporary romance
Tropes: hockey, stalker, childhood friends, trauma healing

“You love me?” “You haven’t been listening very good, sunshine. My soul’s been whispering it to you every day.”

I devoured this book! I laughed, I swooned, and I loved Ari Lancaster HARD.

Ari & Layla met as children in a group home and 12 year old Ari knew from the very beginning that she was his soul mate. After just a few months, Layla is adopted into a wealthy family and given a new name, making it almost impossible for Ari to find her. Years later, Ari is driving along a Dallas road, taking in his surroundings, when BAM. There she is. Larger than life on a billboard. It doesn’t take much digging - thanks to Linoln’s creepy P.I. - to find out that Layla had her name legally changed to Blake, and had just moved to California. This is where the deliciously unhinged Ari enters the chat.

Ari forces his way into Blake’s life, with help from his bestie, Lincoln, of course, and proves that soul mates do, in fact, exist. 

Highly recommend this book just for the banter between Ari and Lincoln alone, but you’ll stay for the Maximus 5000 and all the cute as fvck moments in between. 

T xx

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