He’s Not My Type by Meghann Quinn

He’s Not My Type by Meghann Quinn

Genre: contemporary romance
Trope: Hockey romance, forced proximity, one bed, found family

“You’re going to take all of me, Blakely, even if it takes hours. Your pu$$y will take every last fcking inch of me.”

Meghan Quinn hit it out of the park when she wrote Halsey Holmes. A book loving cinnamon roll with a dirty mouth is just my type! Halsey has had a crush on Blakely since she started working for the Agitators and broke his heart when she mentioned having a boyfriend. Fast forward 12 months and Blakely and her boyfriend have just broken up, her new apartment is flooded, and Halsey’s supportive teammate, Posey, offers up Halsey’s spare room to Blakely to stay in until her apartment is repaired.

The teammate group chat is filled with encouragement and tips to try and get Halsey out of the friendzone he’s found himself in and the banter was comedic fvcking gold! There were so many times I laughed out loud, which isn’t rare from a Meghan Quinn book, but the bromance between the Agitators teammates is just top tier.

You have to wait a little while for the spice to start, but boy is it worth it! Halsey has a filthy mouth that I didn’t expect… “I want you on your knees, and I want that red lipstick all over my goddamn c0ck.” Ok, sir kneeling

5 stars from me! Highly recommend!

T xx
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