Happy Place by Emily Henry

Happy Place by Emily Henry

Genre: rom-com, contemporary romance
Tropes: second chance romance

I fell in love with Emily Henry’s books when I first picked up YOU AND ME ON VACATION on impulse. That book was a winner and so is her latest, HAPPY PLACE. I love Henry’s effortlessly descriptive style, the way she’s able to capture these intense, funny, heart-breaking interactions between her characters. HAPPY PLACE is about a group of friends coming together for one last time to their “happy place” — a vacation home in Maine — before the house is sold.

Harriet only agreed to going on the trip because her ex-fiance, Wyn, said that he wouldn’t go… until he did. They broke up five months ago, but haven’t found the courage to tell their friends. Now, she’s stuck in a room with him, and trying to find a way to remind herself that there’s no going back to what they were in the past no matter how much she wants to.

A deep dive into friendships, family, loss and finding yourself, HAPPY PLACE hits all the feels.

K xx

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