God of Pain by Rina Kent

God of Pain by Rina Kent

Genre: new adult
Trope: dark romance, college, traumatic past, mafia, bdsm, grumpy/sunshine
“Dance with me?”
“But you don’t dance.”
“I do with you.”
“I don’t like the rain.”
“You do for me.”

This is book 2 in the Legacy of Gods series and I am seriously loving this second generation of little psychos. Killian is still my number one but Creighton still ranks high.

Creighton, with looks of a ‘refined prince’ and silent and brooding presence, intrigued Annika from the moment she arrived at the Royal Elite University. Creighton is hellbent on getting revenge on the people who ruined his childhood and likes to blow off steam with faceless women who cater to his very specific s3xual tastes. He quite literally doesn’t see whirlwind Annika coming!

Annika, our sugar and spice and “little purple” mafia princess is an extrovert in every sense of the word, so on paper, her and Creighton shouldn’t work, but their chemistry is off the charts and once they get together, there is no tearing them apart! Possessive Creighton is my favourite!

This story had a much heavier tone than the previous book, and it was a little emotional at times. Throw in a plot twist and a kidnapping and this book is another Rina Kent masterpiece.

Jeremy and Cecily’s book is next and I’m excited as fvck.

T xx

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