God of Malice by Rina Kent

God of Malice by Rina Kent

Genre: New Adult
Trope: Dark romance, college, unhinged MMC, enemies to lovers, DubCon

“I love your mouth when it’s stuffed with my c0ck. You’re my perfect little c*m hole, aren’t you?”

I have never questioned my sanity as many times as I did reading this book. Killian is an emotionless genius with a severe form of antisocial personality disorder, literally studying medicine to cut people open and see inside them. Am I weak for this man? Abso-fvcking-lutely, I am.

Glyndon has been struggling with life since her best friend’s suicide. One night whilst visiting the scene of the crime, watching the vicious waves crash into rocks below the cliff face she is standing on, she trips and almost falls to her death. Luckily 😏, Killian is there to catch her. In return for being so chivalrous, Killian demands Glyndon show her thanks from her knees with a BJ. After Glyndon ‘pays up’ she runs home and Killian’s off the charts obsession begins.

The character AND relationship development in this book was written phenomenally. Glyn definitely had the most growth and I loved seeing her shred her insecurities and become more assertive. The way she understood Killian, even whilst denying her feelings, made her the perfect match for our monster. She saw him as a person and took him for who he was, even with his brutal honesty about his ~tendencies~.

I absolutely cannot leave out of this review, the way Killian calls Glyndon “baby”. Killian has a dirty mouth - it was downright FILTHY - but when he calls Glyndon “baby”... be still my beating heart.

If you love a dark romance (and have no triggers), please, please, pleeeeease read this book. It’s dark and deranged perfection.

Gonna go neglect my family to consume the rest of the series now.

T xx

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