Fate of a Royal by Meagan Brandy & Amo Jones

Fate of a Royal by Meagan Brandy & Amo Jones

Genre: paranormal romance
Tropes: new adult, fated mates, enemies to lovers

“What if I said I have always wanted to play with the devil, if only to see how bad it would burn?””Then I would say you’re pretty fucking close to getting what you wished for.”

Cliffhangers… “Oh I love it and I hate it at the same time”. When Amo and Meagan announced they were collaborating, it was like Christmas morning for us romance book lovers. We were going to read it, no matter what. I knew it was a paranormal romance, but otherwise I went in blind and so when I saw “to be continued” I wanted to weep. There were definitely texts of frustration to Kally! So, I need book 2 immediately, pretty please and thank you! 

In light of being transparent, I did find the first 25% of this book hard to read. The writing was a little choppy/disjointed at times and I had to re-read sentences for it to make sense to me. However… as the story progressed, the duo seemed to get into a groove and I was hooked! 

Knight, along with his 3 brothers, is an heir to the King and Queen of the dark underworld. They are forced to attend Rathe U, a magic college in the human world where they are to learn to exist among the ‘Giftless’. Knight sees the humans as no more than ‘toys to be played with’ so when he feels a connection to London, a Giftless, he tries to deny it as much as he can but the boy is obsessed and can’t stay away. London is still trying to figure out where she fits in the world. It’s quite clear from the beginning, she’s attracted to the darkness, and without giving away spoilers, the plot twist brings her character together completely. I love that she was feisty and just didn’t give a f*ck what people thought of her though. I’m excited to see more of her character development and her connection to Knight build further in book 2 now that she ‘remembers’. Impatiently awaiting the release announcement…

T xx

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