Dom by S.J. Tilly

Dom by S.J. Tilly

Genre: Contemporary
Trope: Surprise marriage, what-happens-in-Vegas, secret society, organised crime, plus sized FMC, possessive hero


“I’ve done bad things, Valentine, but I’ll always be good to you.”

Dom gives new meaning to possessive asshole. 🥵 Ho-ly hell! Where can I find my own tattooed bad boy who would do whatever it took to keep me safe? Talk about tapping into some deep-rooted primal instincts *fans self* 

Dom was everything I was expecting and more. I love how S.J. creates characters that appear slowly—like chapter by chapter, you peel away the layers of what makes them ‘them’, and what you’re left with is a beautifully flawed soul. 

Valentine has always felt like she didn’t belong, so when Dom comes along—a beautifully dangerous man who only seems to have eyes for her—she thinks she found her person. Dom is the head of the Chicago mafia, and a man who’s used to getting what he wants. So when he sees the opportunity Valentine represents, he jumps on the chance without hesitation. Now, did our boy deceive Valentine to get what he wanted? Did he drug her so she wouldn’t feel the pain of the tattoo of his name that he put on her finger four times in place of a ring? Yup, he did that, too, but he also tattooed her name on his chest so that everyone knows just who he belongs to.

An addictively created story that always leaves me wanting more. Sneaky little hint at the end there of the next book in this series, too. I see you, S.J. I see you, girl. Can’t wait for more from this series. 

K xx

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