Cognac Villain by Nicole Fox

Cognac Villain by Nicole Fox

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Trope: Dark mafia, fake marriage, revenge, one night stand 

“I always get what I want, Cora. And what I want is you.”

Nicole Fox brings allllll the goodness with this book. Cognac Villain is hefty, but oh so worth the 500+ pages. Fake marriage/engagement. Assassination attempts. Hot AF schmexy scenes. Tick, tick and tick. I’m here for all of it.

Cognac Villain is about Ivan Pushkin, heir to the Pushkin Bratva and secret good guy, and Cora, a young woman with secrets who is running from her past. They meet at a party — the same party where Ivan is supposed to pick his new bride. After a wardrobe malfunction leaves Cora standing in nothing but her underwear, Ivan stumbles across her and the sparks fly! Talk about getting right into it. Loved that the steam was brought out early.

With danger lurking around every corner, Cora’s life is turned upside down as she’s thrown into Ivan’s world simply by association. The chemistry between Ivan and Cora is that delicious push and pull, the will-they-won’t-they fall into bed together again and give into their deepest desires. Both characters were multidimensional, leaving the reader to peel back the layers and learn about them as the plot evolves.

The secondary characters provide that levity you need for such a heavy themed book that deals with family expectations, haunted pasts and long-lasted plots for revenge. It will leave you guessing right until the end. Be forewarned, though. This one ends on a cliffhanger. Onto Cognac Vixen for me!

If you love mafia romances, check out Cognac Villain.

K xx

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