Carnage by Shantel Tessier

Carnage by Shantel Tessier

Genre: contemporary romance
Tropes: dark AF, revenge, secret society, degradation, BD$M

Some women want roses and diamonds, candlelit dinners and I love yous. Not me. I want to be choked and told I look pretty with your cvm covering my face.”

This book is not for the weak, guys. Dayyyyumn. The Spade brothers are by far the most savage Lords to date. It’s a bit of a lengthy beast too, but with all the unexpected twists and turns, it had me on the edge of my seat at all times (i’m still there though, because WTF?).

Saint has been obsessed with Ashtyn for years so when Ashtyn is formally made his chosen, he becomes absolutely feral for her. And we all love a man feral for his girl.

I was sooo excited for this book and it had so much potential, but unfortunately the ending fell short for me. It felt rushed, and there were just a few plot holes that still have me confused as fvck. In fact, if you’ve read this book, can you please DM us and tell me who Benny is? How did he know his way around Carnage?  And what happened to the baby? Help me understand!

Full of triggers left and right – even if you are a slvt for dark romance – this book will test your boundaries. Some of the BD$M/ degradation scenes were a bit much for me, and I usually LOVE me some degradation as much as the next person.

The glimpses we received throughout for the next books in the series have me intrigued (especially Haidyn!) so I have my fingers crossed for redemption.

T xx

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